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“Doing nothing is sometimes one of the highest of the duties of man” — G.K. Chesterton

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Mindfulness Meditation, What a meaningless waste of time, why bother? When you can be running around, watching tv, or even reading a book??

From an outsider Mindful meditation is doing nothing, but to the meditator, it is the Art Of Doing Nothing. It’s hard to see when looking in, but what doesn’t meet the eye is an inner powerful storm of concentration with many benefits.

The Buddha was once asked; “What have you gained from Meditation?”

Buddha replied “Nothing! However Let me tell you…

To Be Or To Be, There’s no question…

I promised myself to stop writing Orson Welles articles then this happened…

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Director Fincher’s “” made me really disappointed because there wasn’t enough Orson Welles in it. But it also intrigued me, reminding me of the tragedy of Orson.

For anyone that knows, Orson Welles was an old filmmaker, radio host, who was obsessed with food, however, he was also deeply obsessed with Shakespeare and Tragedy, as the two go hand in hand.

The parallelism of Welles and Shakespeare are like bread and butter, they both complement each other equally. It is hard to say why Welles’s life was so tragic. In some cases…

Or a bunch of spiritual mumbo jumbo, false reality projected manifestations that the guy at Whole Foods sells you?

Cheers to the Next One!


Saying this past year was a transformative one would be an understatement. It was as if the sky fell from the heavens to the earth and time stood still. 2020 was a year unlike any other. It has shown a lot about our leaders, our society, and ourselves as a whole.

How we stood the test of time, surely tested our resolve. The solitude from the lockdown gave us a lot of time to reflect and think about what is important and with the pandemic, still ongoing there is plenty of fear, sickness, and death in supply.

It taught us…

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Social Media a Game?
Social media is a game, there is a rewards system that encourages users to participate which can become very addictive. Social media is a network of users who voluntarily and follow the community rules and guidelines to play a part. The goal is to grow, connect, and share content with as many users as possible. It’s mainly through social media that sites like Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter, that we’re able to market and grow eSports exponentially in such a short time frame.

Marketing games is key for the eSports industry. Gamers like Pewdiepie, Ninja, VanossGaming…

Business Insider

When it comes to online gaming getting paid to play video games seems like a fantasy for many, however for Richard Tyler Blevins, it is his dream job. Blevins otherwise known as Ninja is renowned in the gaming community as being one of the greatest gamers of all time, but with all this sensationalism surrounding the self-proclaimed stealthy gamer begs the questions, what makes him so great?

His colorful hair? His gaming setup?

Or maybe it’s his Major League intense gaming skills?

There are many reasons surrounding the sensation of Ninja, however two main reasons for Ninja’s success could be…

It’s Never Too Late To Do Anything!

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“My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.” — Michael Jordan

When we think of success we imagine a young youthful gifted individual that was just born lucky. We think of young entrepreneurs such as Zuckerberg, Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk who became successful in their younger years, and that’s all there is to it, right? However most entrepreneurs were not successful straight out of the gate, most became successes from their years of wisdom.

This is…

More is Less

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Shopping is always cheaper than a psychologist. When people feel sad or depressed, talking to someone helps, however buying stuff seems to be the preferred option.

You don’t need to tell your local grocer about how hard your life problems are, they don’t wanna hear it. All you got to do is just give them the money and leave. However, for a therapist, you give them the money and you have to stay for a whole hour at least. An hour that you can spend eating a tub of ice cream while watching Netflix.

Why bother talking about your problems…

If Spielberg could do it, you can too!

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Like anyone who has been in a previous unsuccessful relationship, as an unsuccessful filmmaker, I feel like it gives me enough authority to write about how to be a successful filmmaker (BEING RHETORIC). Like I told my professors, ‘I can’t wait to get a job in what I’m majoring in, unemployment! I mean FILM!’ (BEING FACETIOUS)

But what I can say is that I’ve learned a lot from pursuing filmmaking, whether it be with the school or on my own. It’s hard to find film work especially when there’s an ongoing pandemic.

The cool thing about the film industry different…

Case of Elisa Lam

Haunted Hotel? Or A Realistic Explanation?

Public Domain: LAPD

Who was Jack The Ripper? Who shot Kennedy and Tupac?

Throughout history, there have been many unsolved mysterious cases. The mysterious case of Elisa Lam was one of the more bizarre ones in modern history.

February 14th, 2013, Downtown LA, Cecil Hotel, Canadian student-traveler, Elisa Lam hasn’t been seen for two weeks now. This sudden disappearance shrouded in mystery spun into internet rumors about conspiracy theories from paranormal activity to government mind control, and invisibility cloak technology.

Maybe it was the LAPD covering up, working with the secretive Illuminati?

Or maybe it has a realistic explanation?

Skid Row

Like most young people…

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